Godaddy starter plan

Godaddy starter plan is a perfect pack to start off your world wide web business existence with. It provides a 1–click installing of e–commerce, weblog, etc. applications, infinite hosted domains, many different e–mail accounts and databases as well as a 30–day money–back warranty. Varnish and Redis support is offered in addition.

Godaddy starter plan Features

Full–featured and scalable cloud web hosting services for your dynamic sites Godaddy starter plan hosting services allow for better web site loading speeds as well as a much better scalability. The server load is distributed between a number of physical machines instead of one, so you will never be affected by server load issues and routine maintenance procedures.

Every Godaddy starter plan package comes with a point & click Web Control Panel available in more than ten different languages and with a Web App Installer tool, using which you can set up personal diaries, community web sites, photo galleries, etcetera. If you are not delighted by the actual service quality for any reason whatsoever, simply make use of our 30–day MBG.

Godaddy starter plan for Faster Performance

Our new Godaddy starter hosting plan platform guarantees a significantly faster overall performance for your web sites. Data bandwidth was upgraded up to as much as 10 Gbps for the sake of enhanced Internet connectivity and much quicker website loading times.

Extra servers have been added, so as to make more efficient server maintenance duties and to reduce service disturbances and network outages. User accounts have been moved to solid–state disks, which are significantly faster and far more dependable as compared to the typical HDDs.

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Godaddy starter plan Service Scalability

A Godaddy starter plan service that grows more and more powerful along with your website’s necessities
Our custom–developed cloud web hosting system allows for all your websites to expand as much as you like them to.

Scalability is guaranteed as all services are taken care of by several servers rather than a single one. As a result of this, you’ll be able to use as many of the allotted resources as you want but you will never be affected by server overload problems or slow routine maintenance tasks.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to upgrade Godaddy starter plan hosting pack with additional features or even move to a more advanced Godaddy starter plan if you wish.

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